Tuesday, 31 May 2016



Almost everyone in the world who has a way and means to uses social media for their own purposes. they are many risks associated with the use of social technologies for individual, corporate and communities.


INDIVIDUALS: simple things like not setting ones privacy settings properly or liking someone's photo on Facebook can have negative repercussions. for individual cyber bullying can be a problem associated with social technologies. cyber bullying are able to exercise power on over their victims as the bullying is done behind screen instate of face to face. which eliminate the possibility of the bully being caught and reprimanded.

COMMUNITIES : social technologies can also cause a divide between community members who may be spending copious amounts time behind a screen or on a cell phone instead of engaging in communication with the people around them.

CORPORATE : social technologies can cause damage to a business image . this can happen if an employee or a customer portrays a bad image of the business on social media which can results in the loss of current and future customers of the business . social technologies also present the opportunity for hackers to commit fraud as well as launch virus attacks .


INDIVIDUALS : individuals are able to connect with loved ones who may be far away in another country through the use of social technology.

COMMUNITIES: communities have been able to come together using social technologies such as Facebook. An example of this can be illustration by the National Youth Development Agency which has taken to social media to motivate the south African youth to lead by example.

CORPORATE: business are able to increase brand awareness and share new content instantly . business that are portrayed in a positive way on social media may be able to gain customers and increase profitability with minimal use of advertising . social technology also facilitate communication in the work place , leading to "enhanced information discovery and delivery "(shrm.org.2016). social technology also provide business with an opportunity to target a widespread audience as well widen business contracts.

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