Tuesday, 24 May 2016


1.2 Social capital can be defined as the networks of relationship among people who live and work in a particular society ,enabling  that society to function effectively.

digital divide is defined as "the socioeconomic and other disparities between those people who have opportunity and skills enabling them too benefit from digital resource ,especial the internet and those who do not have opportunity and skills."(dictionary, 2015) 

some are not very fortunate and may have very little or even no access to technology at all. this create divide in society to those who have and those who do not have which can cause friction in society . digital divide can impact on peoples ability to leverage their social capital ,which may affect their ability to access data, information and and knowledge that could assist them furthering themselves economically ,socially etc .

digital citizens must remember that they are others who are less fortunate and might not have access to technology .digital citizens must make a conscious effort to include all members of society by helping to provide and expand access to technology.

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