Tuesday, 24 May 2016



3.1 The internet of things  refers to the over growing of network of physical objectives that feature an IP dress for internet connectivity and the commutation that occurs between these devices and systems.internet of things has potential to really shift the way we do things ,think and learn.

the internet of things will impact on the future of business as digital and physical world will merge into one . Data will become capital and people who are able to collect ,manage and handle this data in a meaningful way will hold the power in future.

Ownership will lose its importance as tangible objects will become more self aware when they collect data and react to the changes of the environment.

the internet of things will impact the on the future of society as smart appliance will be linked to our everyday lives and will be able to assist us with everyday activities on a level like never before.
 the manufacturing of products will run much smoother and quicker and cars will be able to run on solar power instead of petrol.

technology will beable to prevent transport tragedies and health care will allow people to live much longer. using smart-grid power will be prices on basis of demand .finally farmers will be able to use technology to assist them with all aspects of their farming practices .

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