Tuesday, 31 May 2016



 digital code of conduct

  • Cellphones are not to be used in any class /lecture unless  stated by the lecture .if the rule fail to be met students cellphones can be confiscated until the end of the lesson . lecture takes discretion.
  • Cellphones  and electronic devices and wearable technology are not to be on any person during examinations ,assessments or tests . if students fail to comply they will receive 0%for that examination or assignment .
  • No violent ,inappropriate ,pornographic or downloaded etc . while on electronic devices at the institution. if students are caught doing doing so they will banned from using such devices on the premises .
  • All digital communication with the educational institutes are to be professional , respected and within the code of conduct of the establishment.
  • Students conducting themselves online should be so respectfully as they are representation of the institution to which they belong . if one fail to do so penalties will be implied according to the severity.
  • Privacy of students as well as the institution should be respected penalties applied due to severity.
  • All action should be done conducting respectful digital etiquette .
  • Students must show respect and show consideration  for technological resources provided . if one fail to do so or damage any property /resources they will be liable for the cost incurred.
  • By having the privilege to digital access one must must protect and promote honesty and integrity by not plagiarizing information. if caught doing so one will receive 0% and face further disciplinary actions .
  • Students are not to use the networks provided for prsonal or commercial purposes .

Making the stuff  proficient with the code of conduct will enforce the above mentioned policies .this will also be done in the case of students who will also be made aware of penalties which face them.

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