Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Q 3.2 musical intelligence
this has to do with sensitivity to sound,rhythms, tones and music. people with a high musical intelligence have a good pitch and are able to sing ,play music instruments and compose music. this kind of people can go on and be successful musicians or composers .

bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
this is the ability of one to use their body for expression which can be seen in professional dancers and athletes. technology today allows dancers to express themselves to a larger audience with greater clarity.

spacial intelligence

this is the ability to recognize ,use and interpret images and patterns and produce projects. spacial intelligence can go on to be become successful architects, sculptors and designers to produce work with greater ease and clarity.

naturalist intelligence

this is the ability to recognize and appreciate our relationship with the natural world. people with high level of naturalist intelligence  can go on become astronomers ,biologist and zoologist. technology allows professionals to engage with the work that they do on a higher level .

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