Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Q 2.2  The solution fluency process

DEFINE- south Africa is claimed to be the rape capital of the world. Rape and sexual abuse against children and women are one of SA popular incidents.

DISCOVER- south Africa has the highest rate of sexual abuse against women and children.south Africa is one of the country where sexual abuse are still common as the country has the highest rate child and baby rape in the world with more than 67,ooo cases of rape and sexual assaults against children.

DREAM-we deal with this problem by campaigns that will gather people together and try to address these problems and evaluate ways of rectifying it. more awareness must be created concerning this problem through media.

DESIGN-as the country we can involve the process of the therapy and counselling convince the victims to share their stories to other people so this can help the vulnerable ones to be aware of the offenders .

DELIVER- the nation of south Africa can create more media sources like t.v series  that will publish information about these issues . more awareness will be created on what south Africa is trying to get a handle on.

Through applying these solutions ,we we will be more focused on both victims and offenders of the actions .we should create awareness of the problem.

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